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Appreciate some help please.


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Hey all,

I've spent the last 5 hours reading most of the posts in this board. the more I read, the more I get confused. :(

I'm using a different pc now than before via a friends house. he says he has a 100MB connection, and linked up the router to other pc's on the same internet connection. But I doubt much that it's a 100MB connection though. I could be corrected. The download speeds are of around 500-700 KBps.

Any way, I just been to dlsreports and got this message back..

slreports.com speed test result on 2006-09-10 04:11:12 EST:

810 / 189

Your download speed : 810 kbps or 101.3 KB/sec.

That is 76.2% worse than an average user on rr.com

Your upload speed : 189 kbps or 23.6 KB/sec.

That is 55.7% worse than an average user on rr.com

I did have it up to 2195 as my download speed earlier... even still, uTorrent is downloading at 10-12kB/s and the upload speed is faster, 4 times faster. Like what the...

I also can't seem to configure the port for utorrent either. I've checked the windows firewall and added the port numbers that this software is using both for TCP & UDP for port 32459.

Can any one help me out here.


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Little update, I just ran another speed test, this time I was able to get about 4900 / 358 or so.. entered the max global connections of 35... and downloaded that test utorrent file OpenOffice (93MB in less than 4 minutes)... instructed from this page ( http://www.utorrent.com/setup_guide.php ) wow, it downloaded it at 380kB/s, but I'm downloading Flight 93 (movie - 700MB) and it's downloading it at 12kB/s, the upspeed is higher (21.53 kB/s) while the OpenOffice file upspeed is 0.6 kB/s.

Now I can't work this out. Would it be due to the amount of seeds that the movie has (8) and peers 7(29) compared to the openoffice seeds(22) peers (32).

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Would it be due to the amount of seeds that the movie has (8) and peers 7(29) compared to the openoffice seeds(22) peers (32).

Most likely. And its not only the amount of seeders, its their upload pipe as well. The openoffice torrent for example is also seeded by universities and ftps. So its most likely they have higher upload capacities.

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You must run the speed tests when there is almost nothing else using the internet. Otherwise, they will majorly reduce the measured speed.

You cannot upload faster than your line is limited to, short of compression...but MOST of what's being shared by BitTorrent is nearly uncompressable (as they're already highly compressed files).

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Cheers guys.

My download speed is around 547 kB/s 1Mb file downloads in around 1.9 secs. sometimes faster. I've used the DrTCP, but it doesn't seem to improve things much - not like that i need to any way with this connection... even still though, the download speeds are still terrible. :(

Would someone mind testing out "Flight 93", it's a movie. My download speed is slower than my upload speed, say what.. :(

I've just logged on, this minute ago it had a orange kinda color triangle, but I'm yet to see a green one.

I've even tried to use the portforwarding, but that doesn't seem to do anything when it gets configured.

I've even set the UDP and TCP in the firewall for the given port Utorrent is using too, again, still no improvement.

Can anyone list the things I can do to improve the situation here please, and possible test out that torrent - flight 93 too and let me know what your D/L speeds are and what connection you've got. B'coz I think it's something to do with my set up.

And what info do you need from my end to determine what needs to be changed or looked at before any adivce on config settings need to be made.

Thanks kindly in advance.

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Modem, similar to this one, but same specs.


Router: Netgear 4 port cable/DSL Prosafe Firewall print server.... FR114P 10/100Mbps Switch.


Firewall. This pc is connected via the main PC which has ZA Firewall, and this PC is using Win XP Firewall.

Sorry. I didn't know that having personal links in sig file was against forum rules, at least I didn't see any mention of it, I'll check again and remove if such claims are made to remove personal informational links. Thank you for letting me know.

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I was NOT spamming admin, maybe you want to revise YOUR rules again and remember what you wrote?

You need to learn what spamming means!

I quote


- Links to external sites must not include trackers or sites linking to possibly illegal content or material which may infringe on the copyright of the respective authors. Examples of unwanted links: torrent search engines, trackers or sites of questionable legal status, etc.. Note that legal torrent sites may be freely linked to.

- This forum service is provided for users to discuss µTorrent. Please keep discussions on topic.

- Please avoid language which can be deemed offensive to other users.

- Refrain from posting messages MOSTLY CAPITALized, Needlessly Capitalizing Each Word, or using |_337 5|>34|<.

These simple rules help improve the quality of the forum content and makes the forum more enjoyable for everyone. Thank you for your understanding!


Now tell me where I was in the wrong!

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It would seem you're double-NATted -- modem is a modem+router combo, what with all its so-called "advanced features". So you have to set it to bridge mode. And if you have ZoneAlarm, disable Windows Firewall (if ZA doesn't automatically do so already).

The rule's in the Chat forums, but really, the rules do apply everywhere. I guess it could be made clearer, but I don't recall ever seeing a support forum (unrelated to SEO) where link advertisement was permitted.

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http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=458 That's the rule section I quoted from. Maybe if the forum was better organised in regards to what the rules were rather than placing different rules for each board one would know what to stick to, rather than insulting a customer. I'm a professional marketer for crying out loud. Any way, See how much of a big man he is and apologises.

I can't bridge the connections it says that one or more LAN or high-speed connections need to be made. Well, if I knew how to do that, I would, but there's nothing in the router manual that explains how to do this, or on their website. And the ZA firewall doesn't have any governance over this PC. They only share the routers firewall.

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Guys. For those of you experiencing problems, I bet you like are are getting to the end of your teather by now and to the point of giving up.

Well, I've just found a way to get the speeds up even if you have a yellow or red icon.

At the bottom you'll see two letters. D and U, right click each one and increase the download speed and Upload speed, or experiement with them until you get an improvement.

I've just gone from 6kB/s download to approx 80k/Bs to a max of 102kB/s while reducing the upload speed. Seems to work ok this end. Then only if you can get the green icon, you should experience faster connections. :)

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What exactly do you mean by ZoneAlarm not having any governance over your computer...? And if you don't know how to set your modem to bridge mode, try setting it so that it forwards the port to your router's IP on the modem's subnet, which in turn will have the router forward the connection to your computer.

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LozSEO if u want help then stop arguing with people trying to help u

and as far as zone alarm goes it not good when u r running bittorent client here link to another forum talking about your same problem zone alarm and bt dont mix its kinda werid that alot other bittorent client have this same problem zone alram


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