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Only a few connections to hundrets of Peers


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this problem is not particular for µTorrent, it's the same with other BitTorrent-Clients, but at this time I'm using µTorrent: There are hundrets of peers available, but the Client connects only to about 5 - 15 of it, resulting in very poor DL-speed.

I've done the settings in the "mini"-guide, I've made the test-download, and they work fine! Also only few connection, but with great speed - that's ok so far. But I wonder, if the speed is low, why don't the Client connect to more peers?

Actuall I see the following: Seeds: 2 (105), Peers: 13 (577), Speed: 0,2kB/s

I've compared several Torrents with my neighbour: we have the same ISP (Congster with T-Com DSL2000), the same router (Asus 500g), the same BitTorrent-Client AND of course the same Torrent. While mine is loading about 5-10kB/s maximum, his is going up to 200kB/s...

What I found out for my internet-connection: I have a maximum of 234kB/s with www.speedmeter.nl - which is pretty good. When µTorrent runs with about 10dn/15up the max speed reduces to 80kB/s at speedmeter. Is this a normal behavior? With standard downloads (http/ftp) i have no problems, just with BitTorrent.

Any tips about that?

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