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What's the best profile/setting to use for torrents while gaming?


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Hey there,

I'm on a wired LAN where at times there are 2 or more clients torrenting. The Internet connection being shared by the LAN is a DSL 512/128 (64/16)

What would be the best utorrent setting/profile to use for the client that torrents while the other is used exclusively for gaming (eg. Battlefield 2)

Maximum download speed isn't an issue here (even a speed of 10 KB/sec is fine for the torrenting client,) just minimising latency during Gaming sessions (eg. Battlefield 2.)

Upload settings on each client on the network has been set to 6 KB/sec which minimises upload bandwidth without restricting download. Download Bandwidth has been capped at 48 KBps.

The setting of "Maximum Number of Connected Peers per torrent [60]" tends to maximize torrent download speed (on a 64/16 DSL Line) when only one utorrent client is running. What number of connected peers starts to affect latency/ping counts during gaming sessions?

Help would be much appreciated.

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Thats not much bandwidth you got to play with. cFS will probebly not help you, especially since you have many computers fighting in your LAN. Using QoS in your router could help however but the best thing would probably be not to use Internet for other heavy stuff when gaming.

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It is especially bad that 2 or more(!) BT clients can be running at once on that connection. Back when I had 1500k/128k cable, it caused pings of 300+ ms to be uploading at 8 KB/sec and downloading about 5 KB/sec.

That DSL line has barely 1/3 the download speed I had, and may not have 100% useable upload bandwidth. Basically, if you KNOW you're going to be gaming...you really need to only be running 1 BT client with download limited to maybe 15 KB/sec and upload limited to 6 KB/sec.

With so many clients on your connection, you probably ought to check your incoming/outgoing router logs to see how much "background noise" you now have on the line. Running lots of file-sharing programs increases that immensely even when they're not running...due to people STILL trying to connect to your ip. Running DHT in µTorrent would increase that FAR more rapidly. Ironically, so can running very active torrents or very large torrents.

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I currently have 1500k/128k dsl and when I play online games (mostly battlefield 2 aswell) the servers I play on I ping around 25-30ms, for me to keep that ping and have utorrent running I can have my download speed at 30-35kbs and upload at around 3-4kbs.

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Please look into checking your "background noise level" on your line by checking your router logs.

If it seems pretty high, like >10 new entries a minute, you probably should disable stuff like DHT in µTorrent...and stop old torrents that still have lots of peers+seeds on them if you have a 1:1 or better ratio on them.

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you know so i'm sitting here one time tonight where i'm without a doubt baked

i mean, i've been sitting out in the sum so long, i duuno where the times gone

so to get shelter from the sun,

i jump on to the utorrent, and for about an hour possibly more, tweak the freak out of utorrent settings to find the best one..

the truth that you will choose to agree with iz dat (is that)

there is no ONE best setting for your utorrent because the best setting depends on your specific utorrent session

meaning, based on the combo of the following factors (polynomial), will be a function:

1. seed vs leech

2. seed/peer on / connected

3. speeds settings of each peer

4. available torrent and relevance to each peer and their specific bandwidth and settings

5. and few things more

6. and on top of that.. all the permutations and combinations of 1-4 (and a few more) above..

so give-up to find "the one".. (i have found him within me)

and instead of wastelessly steering at your kB/s d/l and u/l, and tracking speed at 1, 5 30 and other settings, tweak your freak and play with the settings..

now you know its true

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