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Hash ReCheck & Status Bar


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Hi there!

I've been working for some months with 1.6 version of myutorrent! It's even better than 1.5 with it's cashing system. However, there're some strange things to mention:

1) When there's a need to ReCheck some torrents after reboot or smth like that - utorrent begins the first one, then after it finishes - the second one and so on. It doesn't change if the torrents are on different physical hard drives :-( I checked CPU usage and it's rather low during ReCheck - so it's strange, WHY DOESN't MYU recheck torrents SIMULTANIOUSLY!?

As far as I can remember, it does so in 1.5 :-\

2) There were some cases when on status bar of DOWNLOADED - myu showed the status bar of ANOTHER TORRENT (not the chosen one). Selecting between torrents doesn't change the situation according to the 'bugged' torrent. Restart of the client helps :-)

That's all for now.

P.S. Also, I wonder whether it's possible to TRANSLATE 2 cases in the program: "Check for updates" and "Download languages".

I'm using Russian version of MyuTorrent. And selecting those options - results in phrases in English: "there's no new version available" and "there's no new translation at a time" or smth like that. It will be cool, if they were also translated in Russian, I suppose ;)

Good Luck!

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1) It's never checked simultaneously in the first place. And it's NOT a bug. Checking simultaneously does NOT increase the speed at which it will complete the checks.

2) I'm not sure I'm following you here... can you articulate a bit more?

The update text is sent from the server, IINM, so it can't be translated (well, it can, but I don't think anyone wants to translate the server scripts as well).

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1) OK, that's not bug, I agree. It's strange I haven't noticed it in 1.5

2) Well - it's kinda one torrent USES the DOWNLOADED picture (distribution of parts) from another torrent downloading.

For example: you downloading A and B. But when you click on A you see the part distribution pic of B. Selecting B and again A doesn't change, that A uses B's part distribution.

This is a bug. It appeared 2 or 3 times. If it'll return, I'll try to understand it's reasons.

P.S. OKAY!! =)))

Ultima, THANX!!

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