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RSS filter: Adding AND(&)


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Currently there are three usable opperators (?, * and |). The last one (|) is or. What I would realy like is that there would be the option to create a filter using the operator & to only filter the in this case episodes which have multiple words in it. This is necessary for me to filter the "normal" quality episodes from the high definition episodes. The "normal" episodes do not use an extension (like hi-res or iPod) so I cannot filter them by the not expression. The result currently is that I have the "normal" and the hi-res episode.

I have written some remarks about "normal filter expressions", however I think that this is not the same en therefore I have requested it.

Verry nice program and keep up the good work!

With greetings to you all,

Eddie Turfboer.

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I tried to filter The Daily Show and The Colbert Report by putting in exactly what I saw in the feed. *the.daily.show*|*the.colbert.report*. This didn't work. When I tried *the*daily*show|*the*colbert*report* I no longer got these two shows autostarting. I don't know if this helps you or not.

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