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Auto-load torrent behaviour?


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Can someone please shed some light on the auto-load behaviour?

I have uTorrent set to watch a directory shared from my Linux box via Samba, so that I can place .torrents there when I'm not at home and they can start downloading immediately.

When I place the torrents there (via SCP into the Linux box and then mv'ing it into place in the shared directory), uTorrent doesn't seem to pick them up. However, when I download and save a file there on the same machine that uTorrent is running on, it picks up the file immediately.

Am I missing something here... or does uTorrent need some kind of setting to define how often it should check the contents of the auto-load directory?

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Actually I hadn't thought that it might be an issue with using mv vs cp, so I thought I should give it a shot and check some results.

On a single file...

- Using cp, utorrent failed to notice the new file.

- Using mv, it picked it up a-ok.

But then I decided to try 3 files at once...

- Using cp, utorrent again failed to notice the new files.

- This time, using mv, it didn't notice them again.

Then I thought I should try a single file again...

- cp: didn't notice the new file.

- mv: again, didn't notice the new file.

... so not entirely conclusive, nor does it instill much faith. Good thought tho! :)

Anyone got any ideas about what's going on? Is there some additional debugging I can do to help out? Any other tests I can run?

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I have the same problem with uTorrent but found a curiosity:

If I run it from registry on windows start, uTorrent ignores autoload...

If I run it by hand doubleclicking, uTorrent seems to autoload correctly even if I copy .torrents via lan from other computer...

Maybe a Bug???

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