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Updating Trackers That Time Out


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I've been using uTorrent for quite some time now, and has never given me any problems. Recently however, I've moved to a university dormitory, which uses some kind of connection limiter. This limiter cuts off any further connections when I reach a certain limit. What this means for my torrent usage is that when the limiter kicks in connections will time out, I frequently cannot browse, nor can uTorrent update the trackers (both manually or automatically).

As it goes on, I keep losing connections to seeds and peers (this is normal), yet uTorrent will still be unable/unwilling to update the trackers, despite now being able to connect to them, still stating that they are `offline (timed out)'. At that point, I can surf, etc, yet when I try to force it to update, it refuses to do so, returning `offline (timed out)'. I have to restart uTorrent, at which point it gives the all-clear and updates the trackers normally (until the next occurence).

My question is, does uTorrent stop trying to update trackers that keep timing out? If so, is there a way to disable it?

I've searched in the FAQ and it appears that it will keep trying to update the trackers, regardless. An obvious solution to my problem would be to limit the number of connections in the settings, but that doesn't do wonders for my upload.

Please forgive me if my explanation was too confusing or unclear, I'll clarify it if you need me to.

Thanks in advance.

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