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uTorrent Causes My System to Freeze/Crash


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I've used Azureus, Bit Comit, and now uTorrent. Whenever I start using a bit torrent client it will work for a while then 1 of 2 things happens. My system completely freezes (mouse curser and all, ctrl/alt/delete doesn't work either) or I get a blue screen stating NMI Parity Check/Memory Parity error.

I've upgraded and checked the memory (using memcheck86+) so I know it's not a memory issue. Dell replaced the motherboard for me so I don't think it's a hardware issue. It seems like a software/settings issue.

Incidentally I never had a problem using bit torrent (Azureus) on my old computer (eMachine) but since I got a Dell in February I've had nothing but problems with my bit torrent client.

system: Dell Dimension e310

OS: Windows XP home

A/V: AVG Free Edition & Spybot S&D Tea Timer

Router: D-Link DI-624

Network Card: D-Link DWL-G510

I know I'm a total noob but if anyone has any ideas I'd really appreciate it.

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Thanks for the reply. I'll be honest, I don't know what DHT & UPnP means. Is that a setting in uTorrent or on my router?

I'll explore that when get home.

The weird thing is that I had the same router and the same problems with Azureus/Bit Comit. But I didn't have any problems using Azureus with the router on my eMachine.

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I disabled DHT & UPnP and limited my max global connections to 195. As far as TCPIP my max half open connections is under 10 (8) so that should be ok right?

Anyway, performance was better (took longer to freeze). But my system did end up freezing again. Is there anything else I can do?

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Thanks again for all your responses. I patched TCPIP.sys to 25 and left net.max_halfopen at 8.

Again my system was good for about 2 hours of downloading/uploading before it froze completely.

My settings are :

upload limit 60kB/s

Connections per torrent: 100

Max Active torrents: 6

Upload Slots: 4

Connections (Global): 190

Max Active Downloads: 6

Current Port: 17039 (Properly Forwarded per instructions on portforward.com)

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With 6 active torrents having 4 upload slots each, that's potentially 24 total upload slots if all 6 torrents are active.

With only 60 KB/sec total upload speed, that means each upload slot may be getting 2.5 KB/sec on average...which is a little low.

Are you actually sustaining 60 KB/sec upload speeds in µTorrent's speed graph?

...However, I am pretty sure you have bad networking drivers or software on your computer that's causing the crash -- µTorrent is just speeding up the trigger conditions with all the connections it's making.

So, what networking applications and "system tweak programs" do you have installed?

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I'm not really sure to be honest with you. I haven't knowingly installed any system tweak programs. As far as network applications I've only installed the drivers required to use my wireless network. Should I try reinstalling?

I'm not sure about the speed on the speed graph. When I chose the settings in the speed guide, I ran the speed test and used the recommended settings. I'll check the speed graph when I get home tonight.

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I'm having the same problem and almost the same system as you.

I got a Dell dimension 9150 with McAfee A.V (firewall unistalled after reading FAQ), 2 gb ram, a RT2400 wireless LAN card and a Dlink DL-624+ router.

I've had this computer for a week :-(

If anyone have any idea what to do please help me out. Thank you in advance

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