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utorrent maxing upload bandwidth regardless of settings


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I've set my max global upload speed to 20k. My connections max up is roughly 40k. I have comcast cable. There's 4 desktops and a laptop on the network if you're wondering why Im not sharing more and blah blah<insert flame here>.

Anyways, I set it to 20k max and regardless of how fast it's(utorrent) currently uploading, utorrent is somehow pouring out 40k up, resulting in an entire slowdown in my network. Gaming, browsing...etc all slow down noticably. I could live with it, and I have been, but if I'm hosting a game of warcraft 3 or something, everyone notices and start bitching about lag...etc. I've narrowed it down to utorrent, closing all programs, running 4 different anti-virus scanners, 2 online, and adaware, AND i've turned off every other computer on the network.

Quite simple: Open utorrent, WinXp's network connection status shows upload speed's of 40k, while utorrent show's anywhere from 2k up to 20k upload. Close utorrent, everything is fine again, connection status show's maybe 10bytes upload, if that, and lights on the network connection status systray dont even light up...etc

I'm not knocking utorrent either, just wondering whats up. Formated my HD also, same thing. Any suggestions?

Some other info that might help:

motorolla modem

wireless b linksys router BEFW11S4 Firmware Version: 1.52.02 (latest)

winxp sp2


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Yes I actually reported this a while back but all I got was flames about why I didn't wanna upload more. Someone suggested the DHT disabling thing too, I tried it and no change. I'll look into patching and search for issues with my routher though. Thanks for a little direction at least :)

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@druidboi: Not sure why you'd get flames, but 50% of your upload speed when sharing the bandwidth across a network is definitely sufficient... I have mine to 33% of my maximum because there are... 6 (?) computers on my network at any given time, 2 of which are normally running µTorrent. I just make sure I upload back to at least 1.0 ratio if I can.

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