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RSS Downloader: Prefer torrents with special words


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Hello there,

I love the RSS Downloader, but it could be a little bit more complex, at least if the user wishes to have more control. I would appreciate a feature to give preference to torrents with special given words in it like REPACK or PROPER.

I have no idea how difficult it would be to implement it, but I would highly appreciate it!

Thanks a lot for your time,


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Actually that isn't a practical solution. One would need to create two or three favorites for each TV series, for example, one plain, one for proper and one for repack! Plus, one would not want to download the nuked version if there is a proper one around. On the other hand, if a proper is released after the original version has started downloading, one would want the smart episode filter to ignore the first version and download the second, too (or instead, if that is not asking too much).

So I think it would be extremely usefull if the RSS component recognised such keywords as PROPER and REPACK and asigned to them different priorities and different episode numbers for the smart episode filter. For example it could recognise a REPACK as episode xx.3, a proper as episode xx.6 and a real proper as episode xx.9 and always assign the highest priority property to them (even if it wasn't checked for the series).

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How would utorrent know if there will come more repacks later on? Repacks are always added later on.

If the RSS detect three versions like


TVshow.PROPER.HDTV.ripper.avi NEWER

TVshow.HDTV.ripper.avi NEW

The smart filter only downloads one version of these three and it (should) take the latest which would be:


So you don't have to introduce a complex regex filter or something. The smart filter should only download the last added torrent if there are multiple torrents with the same name. Remember that utorrent never can predict if a repack will come.

However you can discuss the option of utorrent deleting and an old torrent and start the download of a later added repack.

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There is definite order to the various possible versions of an episode. A REAL.PROPER comes always after a PROPER, while a repack comes always before a PROPER. That is why I suggested assigning incremental episode numbers to them...

And while we are on the subject of the RSS downloader, I have a couple more suggestions:

1) The RSS downloader, as it is, has a slight problem recognising double episodes, especially when the episode numbers are in the 3 digit format, e.g.: series.224.225.hdtv-xvid.avi

2) In the favorites section, the feed selection box should allow selection of multiple feeds instead of only one or all. In other words it should work like the quality box does now.

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