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Disk Overload even with lots of caching and lots of RAM


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Hi! Just managed to raise my speeds back to what they shouldd be, around 10MB/s. now the problem is that Disk overload keeps showing upp. i have followed every pece of advice found on this forum, but no luck.

I have raised the caching value to around 250MB

I have activated the option to increase cache size if it is needed as well as disabled the two write options.

I have disabled NOD32 system scanner, and Outpost Firewall is not interfering.

My specs:

Athlon XP 2000+


300GB Seagate IDE

Please Advise,


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My IDE controllers are all on (U?)DMA 4,5 or 6. So that shouldnt be the problem. Is there nothing else to do ?


Perhaps I should add that I just did a reinstall of the program, after having some speed problems. it never went above 2MB/s before, and as it is a 100MBps full duplex I thought i should try making a fresh install.

The settings are all the same as before reinstallation so I cannot figure out where this problem is coming from. The HDD that is used for downloading/saving torrents isn't used by any other program, so nothing is interfering.

Please advise,


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