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Speed dropped to 0


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Hi, I'm new here and getting kind of desperate.

Downloads won't go higher then 1 kb and through

search for solutions i came to find Utorrent.

I installed it and started my downloads..YAY, 69 kb

which is wonderful to me.

One by one they said 1 day, 2 days.. i was like ok, i can

do with this but then..all downloads dropped to zero :(

I did the speed guide at the beginning and did the speed test.

My upload speed is 235 so i said in the connection settings,

upload speed 235.

What the heck could have happened?

I would appreciate greatly any kind of suggestions.

Thanks in advance :)

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Thank you for your reply :)

You're right, i did have that mixed up but..speed test results were

<dslreports.com speed test result on 2006-09-12 04:48:37 EST:

1234 / 235

Your download speed : 1234 kbps or 154.3 KB/sec.

Your upload speed : 235 kbps or 29.4 KB/sec.>

Now, it's been about 6kb/s up to 21 kb/s since a few hours, but that's it :(

I've got it all according to advice here: upload limit: 29kb/s, Upload slots: 3, Connections per torrent: 80, Connections global: 125, Max active torrents 9 and Max active download 8.

I don't do more then three at a time though.

Any chance on getting the speed up yet?

Thanks in advance.

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Connections global 125: use 95 (but only if TCPIP.SYS is patched to more than 95, f.e. 100).

Max. active torrents: in your case, set it to 4, max. active downloads to 2 (your settings let only 1 torrent seed).

Try this with the slackware torrent of the setup guide (for 5 mins. or so). If you reach your max. connection, its ok!

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Actually schnurlos, setting half-open limit in µTorrent equal or even 1/2 the global connection limit is a bad idea.

µTorrent could end up trying more half-open connections and then connect to too many, exceeding its global connection limit.

For instance if both are set to 100, there could already be 80 existing connections and still attempting to connect to 100 more. If 30 of those attempts succeed, then 10 of them will have to be immediately dropped to get back down to the global connection limit. This can cause all sorts of odd and intermittent problems.

I agree that Max active torrents should probably be limited to 4 or fewer. Otherwise, you're spreading your upload speed too thin and may get little or nothing back in return from the vast majority of peers you connect to.

From my own personal experience with 35-42 KB/sec upload speed max for my connection...using less than 3 upload slots PER torrent results in my upload speed not always staying max. But I cannot run lots of torrents at once with upload slots per torrent set at 4 or more...or I end up uploading at 35-42 KB/sec but downloading at less than 40 KB/sec total.

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schnurlos said: "Connections global 125: use 95 (but only if TCPIP.SYS is patched to more than 95, f.e. 100)."

The number you are patching in TCPIP.SYS is half-open connections because it defaults to 10 in Win XP SP2.

It has no effect on total number of active connections, only on how fast you can start NEW connections.

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