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Possible to run 2 µtorrent standalones simultaneously.


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I have created an encrypted file thru Truecrypt (www.truecrypt.org) and when I "mount" this file,it becomes a virtual disk.

I would like to know if it is possible to keep a µtorrent standalone version inside this encrypted file and run it from there,without "talking" in any way with the other µtorrent standalone on another drive.

I don't intend to run both at the same time.

Also,will this 2nd µtorrent put anything into the "application data" hidden folder into C drvie ??

[i have tried this already,but just as I launched it from inside encrypted drive,µtorrent pulled all "in-progress" downloads records from the original one.]

I know all this sounds pretty bizarre,but I have read somewhere Truecrypt supports set-up of programmes from within encrypted drives and I mainly want to know the technicality of it.

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The best way to run μTorrent on your virtual disk as a standalone, is to make a folder, copy uTorrent.exe and settings.dat there, and to create a shortcut to uTorrent.exe by adding "/RECOVER" as a command line parameter. (e.g. e:\myfolder\utorrent.exe /RECOVER)

Then, the only thing you have to do, is to start it always using the shortcut.

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