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Ultimate speed solution


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My average DL-speed was about 20-30 kb/s about six months ago. On a good day I could even get about 70.

My friends, there is only one solution to your speed problems. Get a real broadband connection.

I'll never go back to ADSL. Now I DL in 80-2000 kb/s. This is a screenshot I took just now. But it's much higher at times:


ps. those seeds on the bottom are slow because they are pretty rare torrents :)

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I know, I'm sorry for sounding pompous. I had a 24 MB/s before. That's why it was so frustrating. I went thru every guide on the net and learned everything about port forwarding. I got this connection cheaply thru campus at the university I go to. (ca 25 euro/$/month)

I'm not too sure about those ADSL+ connections. I rather have 10 MBit broadband than 10.000 MBit ADSL.

I was just so happy about the speeds I got, and happy to realise that torrents can actually outsmart p2p-networks like DC++.

No more bizarre hub-approval-rituals :)

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Your ISP may be offering higher and higher PEAK speeds, but sustained speeds are much lower because they probably haven't done much on their infrastructure. Many cablemodems now, if they were allowed by the ISP, can run 10 Mbits/sec down AND up...if not faster. Even some of the older ones could do 40 Mbits/sec, ...except for the fact their connection to the computer is a 10 Mbits/sec ethernet port. Many now use 100 Mbits/sec ethernet port.

However at the ISP's connection office, all those lines (be them shared cable trunk lines or individual A/DSL lines) have to get to the rest of the internet through a gateway which is usually 1 or more very fast internet lines -- such as T-3/OC-3 (45 Mbits/sec down + up) even on up to OC-72 (or more!) But if everyone tried to download at max speed at once, the gateway itself is the limiting factor -- it can allow only 1-40% of the max speeds for ALL the connections combined. This isn't a problem when most people are only web surfing or on different times of the day. ...but file-sharing programs can put a big load on the connection 24/7!

If your speeds are dropping in BT, either:

1.your computer has aquired other bandwidth-eaters (viruses/trojans/bad firewalls/bad antivirus software)

2.the torrents you're on NOW lack the high-speed sharers the previous ones had (due to age?)

3.your ISP is slowly implimenting a progressively more restrictive BT throttling limit

4.some settings in µTorrent you're using were pushing your connection to the limit, and going from v1.5 to v1.6 means SOME of those limits are actually reached and sustained in v1.6 as opposed to PEAK values seldom reached by v1.5.

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