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Good torrent speed, bad .torrent file speed


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I have absolutely no problem getting good speeds after my torrent is loaded into utorrent. However, whenever I try to download a .torrent file, my speed quickly drops to 0, preventing the file from loading into utorrent. I'm on a university campus, so I imagine this has something to do with the download being throttled (I have encryption turned on with utorrent, and that seems to work with the speeds).

I checked the guides, but most of the problems seem to be with the actual torrent, not the .torrent file.

I was a member at a private torrent site, and when I connected securely (via https://), the .torrent downloaded fine. I'm looking for a solution to the public sites, though. Am I missing something obvious?

Any help would certainly be appreciated.

I'm running XP, utorrent 1.6, and I'm pretty sure all my drivers are up to date.


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