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Seeding ethics


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What are the ethics of seeding. Is 1.5 ratio enough for not being called a leacher?

I mostly keep seeding rare files after 1.5 limit, and remove populistic nonsense

as soon as the asterisk dissapears.

BTW, Long live µTorrent! I used Azureus for a long time. Why oh why did I

go thru that troublesome install, when µTorrent was just around the corner.

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If you have no problem with seeding to high ratios, why not occasionally check some torrents that have existed for a while as you often find the last peers to download them try hard to find someone to seed them to completion. I often have to try and PM someone to finish as I have a slow connection and all the seeds have long gone, and I often get PM'd for the same reason. Since my connection is slow I try to seed to a 1.00 or slightly better ratio, and if the availability is high I cease, but occasionally check back to see if the availability is less than 1.00 and if so seed some more. My seeding is slow, but if no one else is seeding I feel slow is better than none.

I don't pay much attention to anothers share ratio, but am more interested in anothers willingness to aid others in completing. Currently mine is below 1.00, but I am seeding continuously to bring it up as the tracker I use keeps record of your ratio, and I don't want to be viewed as a leech as I try very hard to aid others in completing but just don't have the speed to do it rapidly. Third country woes, but maybe in time things will improve. It's nice to see there are others that pay attention to their UL and don't just worry about their DL.

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Reseeding old torrents is the real saver of someone else.

It doesn't matter so much that you seed to 2x or 10x if it's in the 1st week of a torrent's release.

When you seed just barely enough so someone can get that torrent 1 YEAR later, that's the real victory.

Ideas are competing for bandwidth, not all can "survive".

...choose the best ones. :)

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Mine is set to 200%... and I had to re-run my Setup guide b/c I am a dork and decided to muck around w/ the settings... why ohhh why did I not just leave it alone at the correct settings huh? Why is it that everyone (including myself) think that we are smarter than the speed guide?

ohh well..

thank you all for a great thread!

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