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completing downloads started by other bt clients


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Been using Bitcomet for quite some time now.Wanted to try out μtorrent,but try as much as I could not resume my incomplete bitcomet downloads in μtorrent.Why? Isn't it possible?

I copied the torrent file from bc torrent folder to a new folder for μtorrent and copied the incomplete download with .bc extns to another folder indicated in the preferences and started the torrent,but alas! the download is restarted not resumed!

I don't want to waste the downloaded portion.Please help!

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Thanx! fore directing me to the link.

I am using winXP+sp2[updated].Unfortunately the batch file given doesn't do the job in my computer,it is very strange! Probably wild cards are not permitted in ren's syntax.

So for test purposes I renamed manually all the partially downloaded bc files to .!ut filesand i was successful in getting the client to resume download.

But things would have been a lot simpler if I had instructed bc not to append .bc! to pd files in the first place!

It would make life a lot easier when experimenting/testing different clients,a single folder for incomplete downloads and a single folder for completed downloads is all that you need.

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