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uTorrent & Vista RC1? critical issues for me,....


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I am about to install Windws Vista RC1.

I came into this forum and saw some posts about uTorrent not working in Vista!

Is that true?

Also, I am downloading some files using Utorrent.

When I upgrade from XP Home SP2 to Vista RC1, will I be able to resume the unfinished downloads in Vista??


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err... should I copy or move the appdata contents? Do i need the appdata contents after copying to a new location?

I don't use uPnp. I manually do port forwarding. Will that work in Vista RC1 also? Will the settisg be preserved?

I have utorrent.exe in my desktop directory. Can you explain what thie significance of utorrent contents in %appdata%?

So, when I upgrade to Vista, I should copy the contents of utorrent directory in %appdata% to Vista desktop?

Will it be less messy, if I transferred utorrent.exe and the appdata directory to my non-system E drive and then run uTorrent from there?

i.e. 1) I move utorrent directory from %appdata% to E:\utorrent and then move utorrent.exe to E:\uTorrent and then run uTorrent from that location?

Or do I need to keep the uTorrent directory in %appdata% folder?

If I can make the location of uTorrent OS independent that may cause less headaches when I upgrade to Vista RC1.

Is my post making any sense? :)

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moving %appdata%/utorrent's content to utorrent.exe's folder doesnt work.. because the information in resume.dat points to wrong paths of the torrent files (utorrent still looks for the torrent files in the %appdata%/utorrent folder)

what i've come so far is to move all the settings and config files to utorrent.exe's folder - now the torrents are in %appdata%/utorrent (old OS's) and the setting files are in the utorrent folder.. it works great as long as u give write permission to both folders

and btw, utorrent works great for me under vista.. UPnP never worked for me under XP too - it maps to the wrong IP, but i dont care.. i'm still connectable, the icon is green, i get great speeds.. i dont need nothing more (except 1 more gig of ram to run vista smoothly :P)

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