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Trouble with gateway'ed connection.


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Hello. I have a major problem with utorrent. It seems as if even though i see many peers on the status bar for each torrent that i connect to, i cannot actually connect with any peers or very few peers and therefore cannot download anything as my download rate is at 0 kBps or is extremely slow.

I am running my internet connection through a gateway computer LAN'ed to my computer which is using utorrent and i am just wondering if there is anyway i can fix my problem as i am guessing it is either a gateway problem or a router problem.

Uninstalling Zonealarm did not fix my problem.

I have configured a static ip.

I have forwarded the relevant ports i want through Zonealarm (both UDP and TCP)

I have a Netgear FA310TX Fast Ethernet Adapter.

I have configured the Local Area Connection to allow all services through the LAN.

I have a Westell DSL modem connected to my gateway computer.

No incoming connections is the symbol that i get when using utorrent.

Do you guys know of anything that i could do to make utorrent work?

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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