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avast! anti-virus takes over CPU usage


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Recently I've noticed a problem when I'm downloading with high speeds at around, say, 400-500kB/s (I'm capped at 600kB/s, got the number from the µTorrent Settings Optimizer), my computer would start lagging badly. I know I don't have a lot of RAM here, only 512 MB, but that's more than enough to download at these speeds. Turns out that avast! anti-virus is the culprit.

ashServ.exe takes up 100% of my CPU when downloading speeds reach those heights, and sometimes µTorrent would be unable to finish writing torrents because of avast!, stopping at 99.99% - the only solution then is to disable the anti-virus for the torrent to complete.

So before going to their forums and rant about it, I wonder if there's any settings for µTorrent that may be causing the problem. Anyone got an idea?

Thanks :)

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