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peer/connection problem


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I got 2 computers connected to a router. My problem is that I now cant get a good connection to the files that I was downloading to my first computer. When I download the same torrent on the second computer I could get as many as 15 peers for that particular torrent, while there are 0 for the same torrent in the first computer.

I have changed the settings on the first computer to practically the same as that of the second computer but still the number of peers is 0.

I used port forwarding on my first computer and just the default setting on the second. When I got more peers on the second computer I configured the port settings on the first computer as default (no port forwarding)

Utorrent settings (except the port) and firewall setting are now the same for the 2 computers but still the "peer problem" still persist on the first computer.

Help please.

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yup. I have WINXP running on both PC.

I have not yet patched either pc using TCPIP.sys

I use separate files on each pc and both pc seems to connect easily to the net.

So I was wondering why one PC could see the peers properly while the other PC

couldnt. I wanted my first PC to do all the downloading so that the second PC would

be free for games (hehehe). But it seems that the first PC could not connect


About a week ago there seems to be no problem. I noticed 2 or 3 days ago that

the downloading seemed a bit slow. I found that there was a low peer connection.

When I tried it to the second PC, I found that the same torrent could see much

more peers than the first.

Right now I am re-installing windows on my first pc.

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