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Forced Restart, No Re-Check Option


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So I fell asleep and some windows updates were installed automatically (very pissed about this) and a restart was done automatically as well.

Now my 2.47 GB file is showing 0% done..... when it was at 50% before I went to sleep..... I thought I would be okay and that a re-check would do the trick but even though I keep loading up uTorrent it's not re-checking the file. I'm selecting the exact location and I even see the folder from when I last looked at the directory.

Will everything be okay or am I totally fucked?

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I got it to work but look at my process:

When I first started the download I set it to this location: H:\PC Games

Now doing that you know that it will make a folder for the file within the PC Games folder.

Now, after the whole restart incident:

What I did was set the download location to H:\PC Games\Game06 (Game06 represents the file I was downloading) and now it's back to normal.

For some reason I had to go into the file folder instead of doing the process of when you add a new torrent where it would create a folder automatically and if it found that folder it would automatically start a recheck.

But everything is well. Thanks DWK.

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