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Curious about how pieces are being queued


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I began to run 2 torrents the other day and they both ahd about the same number of peers and seeds. Ihave Global maximum number of connections set to 150, and Maximum number of peers per torrent set to 15, and after several hours I saw that both torrents were keeping about 5 or 6 pieces queued. The following day I checked and one torrent still was maintaining about 5 or 6 pieces queued, but the other now had 40 pieces queued, and the number of seeds and peers was still within 1 of each other, both having a total of 15 seeds and peers.

Just curious, but why so many pieces queued by one torrent? And it was the slowest of the two.

Neither had encountered any hash fails, which I previously believed caused the queue to enlarge. So does anyone have an explanation?

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