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Trackers - Just another question


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I often notice that some torrents have both an HTTP and a UDP tracker address, and it appears that uTorrent does not work with the UDP tracker. I am curious if that is intentional, and if so, for what reason?

Something else that just occurred with a torrent I started the other day. It contained 4 trackers, all belonging to the same site, 2 being UDP with different port numbers, and the other two HTTP with different port numbers. I couldn't connect to te UDP trackers as usual, but could not connect to the HTTP trackers either, receiving an HTTP 404 error. I later found that others were having the same problem, and many had found a solution by using a different client, Azureus, BitComet, or several other clients which they claimed had no problem connecting. I didn't care to try that solution, and found satisfaction by enabling DHT and Peer Exchange. Still I am wondering why uTorrent could not access the tracker but other clients were able to. As a side note the seed was running uTorrent 1600 and had no problem accessing the tracker.

Sorry for so many questions, just a curious nature.

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