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Use more bandwith for uTorrent?


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I don't know how to phrase this question exactly but anyway...

I followed the guide to maximize my download speed and did all the steps and used the script for the calculations. Anyway, before I "optimized" it it was uploading at around 10-60 ( varied a lot) and downloading at around 20. Now its uploading at 30-40 and its downloading at around 112. 112 kbps seems like a good speed for a torrent but I'm not really sure, on the speedtest it said my download speed was 928 kbps. Anyway, when I'm running uTorrent and have active torrents, they download at around 110 kbps and when I go on the internet it is still fast. Before I optimized it when I was downloading the internet would be really slow.

I think I rambled a lot....let me summarize my question

I download around 100 kbps and when I'm downloading, I can still surf the internet really fast and load pages in 1-2 seconds. Is uTorrent not using all the bandwith availible or did I mess up the settings? I want uTorrent to download as fast as possible even if it slows down web browsing since I'm not at the computer most of the time anyway

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies :)

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