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how do i open a port ?


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If you don't open your incoming port on your router, you will be ALWAYS firewalled...unless you use UPnP, which just tries (poorly!) to automatically open your incoming port on your router.

If you're firewalled, you cannot currently download OR upload anything to anyone else who is firewalled.

*Roughly 50-80% of everyone using file-sharing is firewalled based on actual surveys+test done.

This describes the "firewalled is bad" problem further:


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sorry for stealing your thread alessandro754 but I am sure you will find this info useful.

Ok I have enabled portforwarding on my computer but I have left the Firewall disabled, can i not offer some level of a firewall? to protect my network. Will this affect my hideIP program i am thinking of installing?

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You're likely about to launch 'snake oil'...because most ways to "hide ip" are just that, bogus.

It's like hiding your real mailing address. Sure, there are ways to make it work ...but you probably won't get any mail as a consequence.

If you're wishing to use some proxy service to hide your ip, it likely will mean you're firewalled while using µTorrent -- and likely a LOT slower even on top of that as the proxy has to relay all traffic bound to/from you through itself.

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i think got the same error when testing into the set-up guide,

it said "port is not open: but you are able to download"

and another error "listen port error : you should change your listen port"

and so as a computer/tech-newbie i searched around the net and even planning to try port-forwarding. but other people who had the same problem said in the comments that port-forwarding wont work.

until i found out that my McAfee Firewall has "Blocked" UTORRENT.EXE.

I unblocked it, and things turned green again "Network OK"

but i think its a little slow since i only have 1.4kb/s.. so its another puzzle to be solved!

wonderful program! i learned alot, thanks utorrent! :D

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