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Feature request : Redownload one piece of a completed d/l.


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I've just started using bit torrent and I'm using the utorrent client. My first download was OpenOffice 2.0, all 74MB of it. On completion, utorrent reported that "PIECE 166 FAILED HASH CHECK".

From what ( little ) I know of bit torrent, it should be possible to redownload one ( or a selected range of pieces ). Right ? Why doesn't utorrent provide that feature ? Actually, if any pieces fail the hash check, utorrent should give the user the option to redownload those pieces.

Hope I'm not talking rubbish. Bit torrent newbie, sorry.

Thanks for a great program anyway.

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It automatically redownloads pieces which failed the hash check. Try stopping the torrent, and doing a force-recheck. It should say that it has 100% of the file.

Sorry, doesn't help. Force Re-check results in Done=99.7% and Status=Stopped. Nothing happens after that. See image:recheck.png

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