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can't connect


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Hi. I'm new with utorrent. I can't find the reason, but I can't download anything.

I'm using the utorrent 1.6 buid 474.

I'm trying it because in my new workplace I'm not the admin of the PC, so I wanted a non instalable torrent.

I've made many changes in the configuration (ports, speed, check/unckeck), and got some data, but still can't connect it.

When trying to download the open office test torrent:


I get the message "can't establish connection, connection denied while downloading URL".

As I said, I'm not the admin, so all I know is that my company is using ISA 2004 server, but i dont know the router name/model, port configurations, if upnp is valid, or other details.

I use miranda and can connect to msn, yahoo and icq protocols, so I guess it's not imposible to get a connection with utorrent.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advanced...

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Thanks for your response.

No, I can't download the torrent files. Really I can't download many type of archives (e.g. .xpi firefox extensions), neither with IE nor FF. Do you think that if I download the torrent file in a cybercafe and add it to utorrent and try to connect after in my work place can result?

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I get a torrent file, and added to the download list. It seem it can't connect with the tracker...

in the "general" tab I get a message with "unable to establish connection..." and "DHT status: waiting for anounce..."

That means that all is done? I can't try another way? There is not another tip?

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