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How to find more peers? Download speed at 0.0kB/s


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I apologise for this newbie question - it's probably something very simple but after searching the forums I havent completely figured it out.

I have a torrent downloaded at 83.6% whose download speed suddenly plummetted to 0.0kB/s (from around 15kB/s)

My connection is definately working, the green tick is there, and all the uploads seem to be working fine. I don't think there is a problem with my settings as it was downloading properly before. I've checked my port and it says it's connected fine, and I've turned off firewall.

I suspect the problem is the lack of availability - it is currently at 1.83, and there is only one seeder in my peer list. Under the 'seeds' column it says "1 (139)"

I am assuming there are 139 total seeders out there, but I am only connected to one of them? Is there some way to get connected to more seeders? I have updated the tracker periodically and sometimes a new seeder comes in, but my speed remains at 0 and soon the seeder would go again. This seems to be happening to a few people in my peer list - they all seem to be stuck at 83% - is it just a matter of waiting for seeders to come?

If you can help me I would really appreciate it!

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