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I have 3.45GB wasted in 1766 Hashfails of a 2.85GB file. HELP PLEASE!


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ok, as i said on the title i have the incredible amount of 3.45GB wasted in 1766 Hashfails of a 2.85GB file. I've been reading a lot but seems that nothing explains what's going on, i've cheked the ratio, i've cheked the Seeds & Peers, i've cheked my hardware & software configuration, i think i haven't miss anything.

I don't want to disturb anyone but if someone will be nice enought to help me i'll thank him/her a lot.

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Sorry for the delay on the message, but the utorrent increased its speed for a couple days, i don't know what's going on but the stats at this moment are: 2.84GB wasted in 5528 Hashfails of the same file. The only thing i did was restarting the torrent and now it's downloading at a rate of 50-60 KB/s, still it doesn't seem to download anything usefull.

Thanks for the advises but i've already done that.

What else could it be?

(Edited it for the BYTES - bits mistakes that SWITECK mentioned)

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SWITECK I have an exterior modem, but is not wireless, and is configurated to work with a direct IP.

And no ULTIMA as i said before is not the DLink DMZ.

Does distance affects the downloads? Because right now i'm in Colombia and the seeds are most in the UK, US & Canada.

Thanks again for helping me. Specially you SWITECK for helping me twice.

By the way, the stats are now:

1.65GB wasted in 6962 Hashfails of the same file at the same speed.

Is it normal that the wasted thing gets lower each time and the Hashfails get higer?

(I have to edit this twice, first forgot the stats, and then i found a spelling mistake)

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ULTIMA sorry if you felt in anyway ofended, it was not my intention. What you mean with another torrent?, if it is another download to test the downloading, it's fine i've downloaded a lot of things wich i still seed because in a guide i (past of read)(i'm a spanish speaker so my english fails everyonce in awhile) about the ratio affecting download speeds, and if it is another client i dont think that anything can improve utorrent in efficacy and low processor using.

SWITECK i've run the speed test and it showed me about 512KB/s, configure it as so in the utorrent, but now the download speed has decreased from 50-60KB/s to 0-5KB/s. Don't know if that is good or if it will decrease the hasfails also so i'll have to wait a couple days.

Thanks to both of you for helping me in solving this hashfails problem.

(Also edited for the BYTES - bits mistake SWITECK mentioned)

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@nicoalbb: lol don't worry, I wasn't offended at all, I was just wondering where you mentioned DMZ :P

It's a test torrent I linked to. If you're worried that downloading another test torrent might affect your ratio (and then supposedly affect your speed), don't worry about that, since no one can limit your speeds based on your global ratio, and other trackers don't see it either, so they can't ban you for it.

The reason I want you to test is that it's always a possibility that the problem lies with that single torrent. You said you downloaded other files with no problem, right? My hunch still blames that torrent, and downloading this one extra torrent will *likely* be the final confirmation.

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Something similar happened to me a few months ago. I was downloading a torrent that had a fairly high number of Seeds and Peers, the Down speed was around 100kB/s, yet the Done percentage never seemed to improve. Checking the log, the cause was a huge number of hash fails. Then I noticed something else in the log, the IP addresses of the pieces failing the hash check were all similar, though they were varying in such a way as to minimize detection by a blacklisting algorithm such as the one found in µTorrent. In my case, µTorrent was blacklisting some of the IP addresses, but new similar ones were popping up faster than µTorrent could blacklist them.

I traced all the "offending" IP addresses back to a single U.S. ISP. They were producing bad file pieces at such a high rate that it swamped all other "good" traffic for the torrent. I now believe that this was my first and only case of a torrent poisoning attack. I was able to download the torrent by creating an ipfilter.dat file which blocked all torrent traffic from the ISP.

I don't know if this addresses your issue, but this is the only situation I've encountered that resembles what you describe.

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Well to be honest i didn't knew what a poisoned Torrent was but what Radium says sounds very familiar with my case, the only problem is that i don't know how to do what he says it's the solution. Obviously i didn't try it before because i didn't knew how a poisoned torrent worked, so any help related with how to do that will be usefull, also if you can invest some time posting an explanation.

Thanks again for all the time already invested in this matter.

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SWITEK the settings are:

Connection Type:.............................................xx/512k

Upload Limit:...............................................47KB/s

Connections (per-torrent):...............................90

Max active torrents:.........................................3

Upload Slots:...................................................4

Connections (global):.....................................250

Max active downloads:.....................................2

(Edited because i missed the g on settings)

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Hello, i'm back, sorry for the delay on the message but the utorrent finished 2 downloads in a day, it seems to work fine now, but i get the feeling that it won't be for long, thanks again for all the help, but i think the problem is in the distance, apparently there are about A LOT of conexions before the file gets to me and the information gets corrupted.

This forum was really helpfull, hope it last a long time.

Special thanks to:

DreadWingKnight for being the first one who respond and for giving me a clue on what the problem might be.

Switeck who took the time to read & respond me.

Ultima that might be offended a bit.

radium also for taking his time to respond.

µtorrent-Guest MMMM....... How can they be a guest??? thanks to you too........ MMMM......

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