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Will not get seeds on some torrents...


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This one torrent I'm downloading says seeds 0(86) and peers 11(2056)

The other one I'm downloading says seeds 9(16) and peers 28(61)

The first one with 0 seeds will not download...I'm having this problem with a LOT of torrents even if their heath is 100% green on the website. The one up top is downloading at around 86 kbps. In case you want to know my settings (I assume thats what I messed up) here they are

On the speedtest I got around 950 download and around 360 upload

Global max upload rate = 32

Global max download rate = 0 (unlimited)

Global max # of connections = 356

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent = 50

Number of upload slots per torrent = 8 (Checked use additional slots if <90%)

Protocol Encryption, Outgoing Enabled (Checked allow incoming legacy connections)

and in advanced options

net.max_halfopen = 64 (I patched the .sys to 80)

peer.lazybitfield = true

Thanks in advanced to anyone who helps =D

PS - When I foreward the port (im using 1720) do I set it to Host or Dynamic?

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