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renaming .torrent to .torrent.loaded and no torrents


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maybe i'm sounding like a n00b but i'm having a strange problem:

today i started utorrent again and there were no torrent-files in the programm. so i started the windows explorer and found out, that all torrent-files were first of all doubled in 1.torrent and then were doubled in 1.torrent.loaded. i renamed the files and started utorrent again. now all the files could be read again. but as far as i've seen all the files were doubled in torrent.loaded.

what am i doing wrong? do i always loose the up- and download-information when closing utorrent? what can i do, that utorrent "remembers" all the torrent-files and does not double and rename the files?????

plz help

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Hy, I'm new here. I'm from Hungary. I was happy, when I saw (can't even say where) info about uTorrent.

It's cool, fast - at least by me - and don't need too much resources too.


I got the same problem.

I load torrents, the prog renames them to .loaded

Everithing seems to be right...


I close the program, and the next time, when I start the program, no torrent loaded. Resume.dat exits, Settings.dat, or what, too.

It's just don't resumes downloads, or uploads...

PS: sorry for my bad english... :(

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Thank You, I try it right away!

If it works, your my angel!

But if it does, why do I need to search for such "tricks"?

This program is the best torrent-client for me ever!

The creator - by the way I apressiate his hard work - could test such trhings, and write about them a readme file

between the updates, we could working with it around bugs :-)


No, it doesn't worked! :-(

I use now one folder for downloads, one for torrents, and one for those .loaded files (three different, of chourse, still

But no autoload!

PLS HELP!!! THX :cry:

P.S.: It's the best program I've found, EVER!!! :lol:

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