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too much small piece... ut'll crash...


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if for example i try to start a 7GB torrent in which someone (maybe not so clever) has set piece size to 320KB... (ence near 24000 smal pieces) utorrent'will crash afther few minutes..

with more normal settings it's rock stable (my record... 29 day uninterrupted)

it's that a known issue or i have to check my system...(memory reliability perhaps? i have some doubts on it but never got a corrupted finished download)

*** µTorrent Crash Report ***

Build: 2C101DA (474) built on Fri Mar 31 12:30:49 2006

Exception C0000005 at 0040F7A6


EAX: 00000280 EBX: 00448FD0 ECX: 0000008C EDX: 00130688

ESI: 0104A178 EDI: 00449050 EBP: 00FAFF48 ESP: 00FAFF28

EIP: 0040F7A6 EFLAGS: 00010216

Bytes at CS:EIP:

89 48 04 8B 4E 18 89 01 83 C0 14 89 46 18 83 20 00 E8 63 FC FF FF 8B 48

Stack trace:

000000AB 0104A178 00CC8C70 00000000 FFED515C 00000000 0FFFA81B 0012AE18

0000005D 0040FD6......

System information:

Windows version 5.0 2195 Service Pack 4

see you

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