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WebUI v0.315


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Hey guys... I was having the same troubles as some of the people who did everything step by step, and still couldn't get it working -- in my case, I found out that both (for testing if your config on the server comp is right) and my server computer's lan address,, were included in ranges in ipfilter.dat. Stupid ipfilter.dat! So, I just rewrote the ranges to exclude these, and it worked... It was a beautiful thing to see. :D

So, give that a shot if you're having problems... (note that disabling ipfilter in utorrent didn't work for me, but I didn't restart utorrent after doing that -- I suppose that utorrent has to be restarted for the change to take effect.)

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dj_maxx please give more info about the ssh and console,if i understand correctly you mean that you can access webgui without x (and as a consequence without a browser)

I have also install ssh and i can access through it my webgui utorrent

using the ip following ip "" in firefox but it will be very usefull

if i could do it using a plain console

thanks in advance

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Web UI is great and I'm certain these issues have been raised in a 21 page thread but...

there is no way to actually tell the torrenting system where to save files to (it puts them on the desktop) and it does not support any encryption such as "https".

As a beta it's great.

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I'm previously having problems with setting label with my torrents using WebUI when the label has backslash in it (for directory purpose: i use 'move torrent when completed' based on label). Then i figured it was because of the backslash not escaped when selecting a label that have backslash in it. so i open the script.js and modified this line


to this code (with whitespace removed in my script.js)

else{    var lblWithSlash=lbl.split("\\");    if(lblWithSlash.length!=0){        var lblTmp=lblWithSlash.join("\\\\");    }    _bf.push([lbl,"utWebUI.setLabel('"+lblTmp+"')"]);}

and it works for me. The question is, am i doing it the right way or should i do something else? thanks :)

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Alright! I finally realized why I've never been able to have the WebUI automatically update its statistics when I try to access it using my browsers at home. It turns out that having the Ad Muncher utility enabled in the background interferes with the WebUI's statistical updates. Based on what I can see in Ad Muncher's filtering log, there are two ways to get around this problem.


Right-click the Ad Muncher system tray icon and disable its filtering before accessing the WebUI.


1. Ad Muncher Configuration >> Options >> Advanced >> Make sure that the "Prevent interference with mouse usage option" at the bottom is UNCHECKED.

2. Ad Muncher Configuration >> Options >> Filter Targets >> Select your browser name from the program list on the right-hand side. Click on the "don't filter" button then edit the entry in the left-hand box so that it shows a minus sign and the browser's file name followed by the µTorrent port number. In my case, having -iexplore:33525 and -firefox:33525 in the exclude list allows the WebUI to update its statistics properly while Ad Muncher is still enabled. You can repeat this procedure for any other port numbers that are in use by µTorrent.

I don't know how many users here use Ad Muncher, but I figure this information might prove useful in getting the WebUI to run properly for those who do. As a side note, something else I've noticed is that if you're trying to access the WebUI on another computer in your network, the proper LAN IP address needs to be typed in to connect since using the WAN IP address doesn't seem to work.

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I am accessing with the address hostname\gui on my 100mbps LAN - i doubt thats too slow ;) and anyway, firefox works. IE7 recognises this address as being in the "local intranet" zone, and the security levels for this zone are set to default. Adding the hostname to the "trusted sites" zone has no effect. I have no pop-up blockers installed, above IE7's


"the request to utorrent has timed out"

In IE7!

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I have set everything up, and all I can get out of the WebUI is:

û^ûו»uë¦)¨8 Îõé©:ZFµrãœùyûS¸BÔà"hyÑa¶99oR6üªŒîì„p Â1Ðec~µŠ¡IËøå/*¾‚«OßqÅŽ *J€£ñ…œEèŽwŠý=´-º5,Oq$wÓeÛR¸\Š°C…ú;'ÓJvIŸôó³µo¼+åbBúžc†‚¥½í©Èšól%…ÑUõýÚòLy¾]•öæa(Ýk¼T½1

That's going to http://USERNAME:PASSWORD@localhost:1337/gui/index.html

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