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WebUI v0.315


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Still not seeing a solve-all or an update from November's version. Lots of us still unable to use this, and the cookie flush crashes uTorrent.

This happens locally, remotely, you name it.

Can this UI please be updated, or are you sitting on 85% useful? Haven't used uTorrent in months due to this error.

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I read this thread as I understand it is the only source of information for WebUI, right ?

But I really don't get how to make that thing work.

I enabled WebUI function and set a password.

I choose to use the same port (as my firewall is already setup to forward this one).

My encryption for upload is ON because I want it so.

So, remotely, I tried :









None worked, they don't find anything.

I just found a link to utorrent-help.zip. This seems excellent, maybe I'll find somehting in there...

Somewhere it is spoken of webui.zip ... I don't know if I have this ... I have the build 490.

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Thank you so much for your help Firon :cool:, I got it to work, with alittle more work, I love this, I guess it is safe to say, you have to have the u torrent client running correct? I did have to open another port on my router but after I did that and put the new port in the preferences, and made sure my user name and password were in lower case, I got to work, Thanks for your help again, I do love this, cant wait too see what else you all got up your sleeves-lol.

Again my gratitude-RedneckIsMe :D

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I use also WEBUI and it is wonderful idea of cotroling remotely your client. Keep up the good work. Best wishes

Great work guys, i use this program for like a year and I love it. The only thing i may say as a weak point is that it loads up too much the HDD and slows down the PC a little bit.

Well I just saw That I wasn't right, when I upload it is taking up too much of the RAM. I have 1GB, usually 600mb free and I was uploading 2 torrents (2x 1MB/s or more) - the result was less than 200mb left. Probably that's why the PC is getting slower. When I finished uploading the RAM went back to 600+

I suppose when the up speed is low I won't experience this problem.

P.S. sry for the English


the same is when downloading with a great speed


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And you didn't read the first post in this thread... why?

Whoops, I thought this webui.zip file was for the old µTorrent. Because the first post is quite old.

I just thought that with the latest versions of µTorrent that was not needed anymore.

Thank you very much! It works incredibly great!

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Thanks to the uTorrent team for the latest build.

Was getting the 'loading' screen of death error, and the cookie fix was crashing uTorrent remotely.

The new 490 build has solved all my problems, and I'm back in business. Superb app, gentlemen, thank-you.

Looking forward to the WebUI increasing the remote control we have. I'm eager to be able to specify the files in a torrent and see the data currently held in place (Tracker data, DHT etc.) but not currently reported.

Thanks, again.

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For me WebUI works excellent. It's great beacuse it uses same port as uTorrent (I have only one forwarded ... not my fault --> ISP ).

I've just got one feature request : can You WebUI shutdown Windows?

Only this I need - torrent's downloaded or just logon to WebUI to shutdown PC. This would be great.

Thanks for your work.

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