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WebUI v0.315


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quote from "mook" page 25:

What I meant about the 'outgoing port range' is that sometimes businesses will setup a firewall to give you exactly what you need for standard services (HTTP, etc.) and nothing else. Also take into consideration that the ports randomly assigned by utorrent are usually pretty high(in the 10s of thousands), where there's very few, if any, standard services using that range. So it may be possible that your employer has your outgoing utorrent port blocked.

Reply from "jai7279" (now):

Is there any way around this because I think that is what is happening with my attempts.

Firefox portable mostly comes back with "web server refused the connection" and "timed out" messages

Should I change my uTorrent port at home to something that my work computer won't block?

I have tried many many different ways to get it to work, mostly from reading the readme's and trying suggestions from this forum.

Please help as it is very frustrating!



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Go into µtorrent preferences, advanced, webui and under connectivity enable Alternative listening port. Fill in port 80 (make sure you aren't running any other service (web server usually) on that port) or another port that isn't blocked at your work. Now make sure you portmap that port just like you did with the normal µtorrent port. Now try that port at your work.

If you are using port 80 you can omit it from the url because it's the default port for http.

p.s. what are you talking about page 25... I only have 10 pages...

ah wait I probably changed my forum settings.

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Mm... Directrix just came back from a vacation... like, yesterday. I'm not sure, but I had the impression that he would still be developing it. I could be wrong, though. Other than that, I'm not really sure what's going on with WebUI (as there hasn't been much discussion about it), but it's not going to be dropped by the wayside.

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I definitely hope the WebUI isn't "dropped by the wayside." It is proving to be much more useful to me than I thought it would. (Now if only I could get it to work properly on MacOSX). Add me to the list patiently (yet anxiously) awaiting the next release.

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I had 2 reasons to pursue this capability:

1) To adjust the Scheduler

2) To "Pause All Torrents" or "Resume All Torrents" as available locally from the Taskbar icon

Neither of these seem to be possible from the Web UI. Let me know if I'm missing something, but if not please consider them for future development.



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Is there a newer beta of WebUI out? I'm having problems scrolling through the torrents, it hides the list and only displays one torrent name at the time and then after a while displays the list again. The UI just feels slow. Maybe it needs a faster internet connection. What's the minimum required?

Maybe µTorrent should reserve bandwidth for the UI when it is in use so that seeding torrents don't claim it all.

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