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WebUI v0.315


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I can access the WebUI from my work computer and from my home PC. I am trying to access my home PC utorrent through WebUI at work but all I get is Invalid Request.

Steps I have taken:

I have aliased my dynamic IP address (home IP which i am trying to access) to a static hostname at www.dyndns.com.

I also downloaded the DynDNS Updater so that my IP address would update automatically.

I have a listening port set on my home utorrent and also forwarded in the router.

From my work browser I have entered this:


I have also entered the IP address of my home computer instead of the aliased address


Both times I get an Invalid Request. What am I overlooking?


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Doesn't work at my home computer... at my bussines computer everything is fine...

i use ffox (tried from ie also)

i get an empty page from /gui/index.htm and /gui/index.html

i've tried the advice from the readme, http://YourIP:UTport/gui/?action=setsetting&s=webui.cookie&v={} but it didn't work

i've tried my local adress, my public, my aliased, both utorrent torrent port, and additional port (everything is forwarded ok)

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Ok guys, if all "betas" would be more like that, then testers really would have nothing to do. Took 5 minutes to install (WinXP SP2 + Firefox / Opera 9.00) and 20 minutes to blog it. ;)

I found that in Opera the "right click functionality" doesnt really work.

Also the TorrentSpy search doesnt seem to work (displays some MS IIS error) and the Point-Blank seems to want some donations, but none of those are really Your concern now are they..

Anyways, Respect Directrix and the team!

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ICleolion: yup. Readme suggests to press Esc while right-clicking and it isn't working for the Opera in any order I do it (Esc+right, Esc then right, right then Esc). Also the left+right doesnt work, because it is BACK/FORWARD in Opera (and also in FF for that matter). BACK is right+left and FORWARD is left+right.

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bakedonh1gh here again, ok i've tried it from school today, with my ip address and port(yes my comp was turned on i left it on extra for this)and basically it didnt work it would always time out when contacting my ip, now im wondering maybe now ive done something wrong(again) or maybe wrong ip?

laterz ill try the irc channel but for now ill see what i can get here.

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I've been watching and waiting for this WEB UI for months. Now that it's out I've finally changed over from Azureus.

Not only is uTorrent better (in my oppinion) but the WEB UI also lets you change individual file settings which is a feature I really needed and Azureus lacked.

This also gave me the excuse to finally upgrade to IE7 which was a bit of a hassle. Seems a bit unusual that IE6 isn't supported. I would expect that there is still way more IE6 users than IE7 users what with IE7 still in the RC stage and the difficulty of upgrading.

Anyway, it looks great and I'm looking forward to using it. Kudos to you guys.

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ICleolion --> as for the right click menu, do u get the webui right click menu in the torrent list just fine, is it just the file list menu that doesnt work?

sorry in the delay in the reply, no, it doesn't work on both but no one else seems to have this problem so I guess it is just me and my firefox so I will wait for the next release ..... thanks for all the help :-)

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