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WebUI v0.315


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its a very nice prog utorrent but i have tried everything with this new 1 i don't have to do ctrl p

that all works good but the rest won't work with my username and so

can anyone help me please


ps PyroSlacker you must first extract that one and then .....don't exstact die adder one, that step you mist!!!!!!!! good luck.

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Just to provide feedback. Tried it out at my school, the have Mac with Safari as browser. Works pretty OK, some colums where scrambled and it had a few gaps here and there. But nothing that would have stopped me from using it :) Biggest problem is how to right-click - but I don't blame that on you guys =D

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amazing util, i am thinking of dumping torrentflux on my linux box, install win2k and utorrent

keep up the good work!!

a small bug, when selecting many files inorder to change their priority it does not work

you have to select them one by one

finally, for the people that they have security as their first priority they can use copssh (a windows version of openssh)

and encrypt their connection!!!

thanks again

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Exoskeletor: lol, you dont need to install the webui on the pc your using to connect to utorrent. Only on the pc thats running utorrent. Lets say your pc at home has utorrent and webui on and you want to access it from another pc at a cafe. You just type in the correct url, and utorrent will send the files to the computer your on.

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Infirmus: what is it your trying to do.

1. Do you want to limit the bandwidth the webui uses while loading? In which case, not really necessary.

2. Do you want to change the up/down limits that utorrent uses, via the webui. If so, go to the webui prefs, go to connection and change it there.

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2 quick questions:

1. does webUI run another session of the utorrent client?? the seeds i've added over the webUI does not show up on the server app itself.

2. more of a 1.b question: if the webui runs it's own session, which port does it use?? i've turned on the admin console to use port 8080, does it mean it's fetching torrents via 8080 as well?

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WOW..big thx to admin and all who help you !!! uT is most used program in my PC :)

last build b481 repair bug with uT vs. trackers :)

coz with b471build every tracker said NO CONANCTABLE... (i have public ip / open ports iFW etc..)

now everythings work fine !! :)

thx again and keep it elite :D

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