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WebUI v0.315


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Thanks a lot for a very, very good program. :D

Amazing small size like in the old days... I love it. No need anymore for Azu....

This is my first line here.

Perhaps You want to know this problem that someone has with this new WebUI.

I found this when testing on my lab (11 computers and servers)

When Skype is running in the background WebUI is not working at all. It took me 2 days to find this out.

I tested also with AnalogX SimpleServer and it had the same problem. A webserver (Simple ones) can't start when Skype is running, doesn't matter what port you are running.

I'm sitting behind a serverrouter using NAT and PAT but that was not the problem. (Correct ports are open, forwarded)

When stopping Skype everything is working again.

Soo... those of you that have problems with WebUI and running Skype. Stop it and restart uTorrent and the Webbrowser (In my case Firefox is working as normal both from the inside LAN and on the outside.


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I searched for this but didn't find anything..

Is there a bug with adding torrents? I add a torrent with webUI and it starts dowloading to a default directory. But when i go back to the utorrent client to add another torrent, the first one changes it's location to whatever i choose for the second torrent.


File A added with webUI saved to "I:/utorrent/"

File B added with utorrent client saved to "J:/new torrents/"

File A then creates a duplicate file in "J:/new torrents/" and gave a download location error

then webUI's default download location changes to "J:/new torrents/"

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The webinterface looks and works great, but it's absolutely useless for a lot of people, because the want to administrate utorrent at work and most companies are using IE6, which isnt supported.

But OK, I'm now able to control utorrent at my friends place....didnt really need this, but ok.

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