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Help! deleted utorrent


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I was downloading a large file and after about 70 % of it was finished (it took 2 weeks) utorrent got deleted along with the original .torrent file. I still have pieces of the original file but they are unusable until the download has completed. Now here is the million dollar question: is my download recovarable? or do i have to start the download all over?

Please Help!!!

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ok mr DreadWingKnight ..the same question here..and i have read the migriation guide but i still dont know wt do exactly?

so the status here that ihave incomplete downloads,the original torrent file and i have utorrent without my torrent in it ...so wt should i do?

reopen the .torrent file and append !ut to the incomplete files and then make re check so it will comlete the incomplete pieces or shoud i just open the torrent file and start download again and don't care about ratio and these bars who start from zero ...because they will complete and not to re download form first?

plz man i already read migiration guide so just tell me which choice ?

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