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Program constantly crashing


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Every time I open a torrent with the client it connects to seeds and peers just fine except after a few seconds I get an error window that pops up and says uTorrent has crashed and uTorrent will restart. Would you like to ..... No matter which button I click it freezes up and I have to end the program manually. I just found out about this client today at when I first started it I was highly impressed....until every time I started a torrent it crashed. I know it's not a problem with A/V or firewall software since I have no trouble d/ling for the few seconds it runs until crashing...even so I siabled my A/V and firewall but still got the same error. In case it helps I'm running XP SP2 with System Suite 6 as my A/V and the firewall that comes with it which I believe is made by Sygate. I would love to switch to this program but if I can't get it to work then I'll have to keep using Bitcommet.

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