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Min / Max Peice Download Speed


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I've noticed that when downloading very large files, 2gb or higher when the peice sizes are in the range of 1mb or higher, downloading from people some peices may only be downloading at 0.5kbps... which means it will take a very long time to download that peice increasing the download time overall. If you could adjust the min / max download speeds for peices or set a minimum speed for downloading from a location you'll be able to download the file you want quicker. This would mean that some users wont have many uploads going from a single location basically load sharing...

For example:

1. Only download from seeds / peers sharing at "x"kbps or higher

2. For files with peices above "x"mb each only download from seeds / peers sharing at "x"kbps or higher

3. Files larger then "x"mb only download from seeds / peers sharing at "x"kbps or higher

I feel that a featuer like what Ive suggested would increase the overall speed of the bit torrent network and allow people to share their larger files more quickly without burdening their internet connection.


Edit: Just been doing my homework... downloading a 2mb file at 1.7kbps is likely to take around 20mins! dropping that connection for a faster download location would save that time. My suggestion would be to download a file from a location for 1min, if its average download speed is less then your given amount then disable that location for lets say 1hour. This is so if there are not many peers or seeds then you wont have a bunch of permantly disabled locations. Look for a faster connection and try to download that peice again. I know that dropping and looking for other locations in itself takes a long time but taking 2mins to find a lets say 10kbps connection (which takes approx 3 and a half minutes to download) will save you around 10mins in its self. Now if you have over 2000 peices to download your going to save a lot of time! (my actual knowledge of how torrents work is limited so smack me if i make no sense)

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That's unnecessary.

Supposedly, if a piece is downloading (very) slowly from 1 source, any other source with the same piece can (...eventually) finish that piece up for you -- outpacing the 1st source and filling in the parts it missed.

However, this doesn't work very well currently and often just creates lots of duplicate (wasted) data. µTorrent seems to "prefer" to start downloading new pieces than attempting to finish stalled unfinished pieces.

You're trying to treat the symptoms rather than the disease. Instead of only downloading from faster sources, you should look to see if it isn't your own connection (temporarily?) causing the slowdowns.

Are you also uploading very slowly to some peers? If so, why?

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Its not that i'm not downloading quickly, i have a 10mb connection and am usually getting around 300kbps downloads maxing out at 1.2mbps... however some files download at an overall 80kbps. looking at all the download points some are 30kbps and others are below 0.8kbps. Its these very low downloads which are increasing the overall time. Specifically when you are download a torrent which contains many files. For example a season of a tv show containing 22 files all 350mb is size and you want to pioritise the download by episode, episode1 being the starting point. Having set episode1 as high priority and watching what the peices are doing I noticed other files are downloading quickly because they are getting the full 30kbps and the one i want is being held up because of the really slow sources.

I was wondering if it would be more efficient if it noticed that a source was slow and then disables it for a period of time. If that source is uploading to 10 people its no wonder the source is slow. Removing myself from its upload list based on the slow rate would increase the speed of the other users and so on if everyone is selective at download points.

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