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Problem Solution (PortForwarding/BuggedWindowsFirewall)


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Hey there.

There is a bug going around which somehow 'disabled' the WindowsFirewall.

The problem was, that ports for incoming connections were not open (although forwarded correcty + static ip, etc)

This problem appeared right after some WindowsUpdates which made the problem supicious.

I searched a bit and found out, that even a disabled Firewall can block all incoming ports...due to a bug, of course.

So I thought, i'd give you guys some hints, if you're on the edge of despair and don't know what else to do to get this ports open^^

1) If your firewall is working correctly, don't use this method. - Well you can try but as i like to say 'never change a running system' ... your choice.

2) Find out, if your firewall is really o.k. by opening it in SystemSettings; It may eighter work or appear to be unable to open.

3) Download this small registry fix (http://www.wintotal.de/server/tipps/sharedaccess.zip) to fix the bug at its roots.


4) Open DOSCommand via 'Start' > 'Run' and type 'cmd'.... there you type the following lines

netsh firewall reset [PRESS ENTER]


netsh winsock reset [PRESS ENTER]

5) Reboot&Done


This resets the firewall.

I got this method from a pretty secure site and it helped me solving this problem, too.

But i am not responsible for possible damage.

Editing the WindowsRegistry is always some kind of risky. If you think you can find another way to fix this problem, do so.


Never the less, i hope, this helps someone.

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