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Speed really slow, even after getting green light!!!!


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hey all,

im new to this forum n utorrent so my knowledge is very limited. Before i was downloading at 15kB/s(Max), and i had the yellow xclamation mark. I read the faq on how to forward ports and now i do get the green light, but still the speed is 15kB/s(max). i hav disabled windows firewall and allowed all connections on ZoneAlarm(free edition) for uTorrent. I hav tried a number of different torrents but none of them go past 15kB/s! Also it dusnt connect to all the seeds ( it connects to like 9 out of 29).

Can ne1 pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase help me!!! =[

thanks in advance

btw: my internet is 512kbps/128kbps ADSL and im pretty sure my isp dusnt interfere with bittorrent.

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I've got it but don't know completely how to tell you but someone will know what i mean. You proberly might need the Service pack 2 patch to allow your connections to 50 and not 10. since microsoft limits you.

it's called EvID4226Patch.

my email is goddante@msn.com if you want me to send you it (warning: it's 34kb and an .exe which looks worrying to people)

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