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Sudden speed after about 1min.


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When i start about 4 torrents to download, the global DL speed would be around 150 kps. after about 1min, all the torrent will drop to 0kps. i was shocked to see the strange problem today. i have tried may times. but still no change. i am also using zone alarm pro. v6.1.744. i even shutdown the zap and tried but still no use. i did not have theis problem before.


version 1.6(474)


isp: Starhub (singapore)


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Zone Alarm, even 'shutdown', leaves behind some unstable networking DLLs that are probably the cause of the problem.

Either that, or your ISP has a "progressive" throttling that only cripples your line when it sees "heavy" BitTorrent traffic. (I don't deem that likely.)

Another possibility is you're just using way too aggressive settings for your connection, and something's failing completely because of it.

1.What's your line rated for?

2.What settings are you using as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

3.Have you changed any advanced settings?

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