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GET request to add URL?


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With all of the AJAX-ian goodness of the UI, I was wondering if there was a URL that you can pass that will load a torrent URL



I like to write greasemonkey scripts to replace links with links such as this (and until now I was using the awful Azureus webUI)...if I could do it for uTorrent that would be incredible.

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I wrote the Greasemonkey script that let's you easily start downloads using uTorrent, remotely from your browser.

The "Add Torrents to uTorrent" Greasemonkey script is posted at http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/12452 along with some instructions.

This script assumes that you have uTorrent with the WebUI extension.

After you install the script, you need to edit it to configure it so that it can access your uTorrent WebUI server.

One remaining issue with this script comes from a limitation of the WebUI url format discussed earlier in this thread: when calling the WebUI with "action=add-url", the response does not say whether the torrent was queue successfully or not... The page that is opened just says {"":""}, which is not very user-friendly.

Let me know if you have a solution for that.

Ideally, the WebUI code should be responsible for reporting proper status on operations. Maybe in the next version?




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