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8mb connection won't download at more than 200kbs


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Hi just started using utorrent after using bitcomet for a while and have found that with my ports succesfully forwarded my downloads are always around 200kbs. I share the same ISP as a friend of mine and he does not seem to have these problems. I am using a D-link G604t router and was getting faster (although not always as consistant) speeds with bitcomet, any ideas?

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a few problems with your settings.

800 connections is too high, try around 350 max, 30 slots is pretty crazy, you diffently won't get good speeds with that, and try lowering the number of active downloads, you must remember that it splits the upload speed, and you loose download speed, you haven't mensiond how fast your upload speed is, that is very important

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i agree with torrero, try the built in speed guide, or maybe try the mini guide here.. i know on my computer, on three different ISP's (Barak, netvision and bezeq) i had to find my own connection settings that works great with all the isp's

try this

max upload: 57.6

max download: unlimited

max slots: 15 - check the open extra slots, that helps

max connections: 350

max connections per torrent: 350

Encryption:enabled (try forced if speed really really slow)

max active torrents = 3 (your upload ain't great compared to your download speed, so if you do more then 3 your spliting your upload speed too much, it will give you slow speeds, with this setting you should get too at least 500Kb/s )

on advanced settings try under the half open tcp/ip setting try 200

the settings above work quite good for me (the upload speed is much slower, but i usually max out on at least half of the torrents, even ones with almost no seeds)

also expermint, i tried guides, and most didn't work for me, the mini guide is a good guide, but 16 max connections don't work for me, but for others it did, so try that before anything.

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sooti, your upload slots are set too high.

15 upload slots times 3 torrents at once is 45 total upload slots

...which means you're only sending out about 1 KB/sec PER upload slot.

If you have the extra upload slots allowed if running slow checked, you can set it even lower.

Try setting upload slots to only 5-8.

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Thanks for all the help guys bit no amount of option changing or default applying I use, i have followed many guide and helpful sugestions but it generally makes things worse, I think I'm gonna count my blessings for 200mb and just downgrade my line with my isp :-) or perhaps find another


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