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Problem saving data to a network/NAS drive.


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I'm having some issues using utorrent to save data to my NAS drive.

It's a USB harddisk connected to my Asus wl-500g deluxe router, and it's shared in windows using SAMBA. The partition on the drive is ext3(linux).

When starting a torrent, it will within a short time report that the path can't be found. The path looks like this: \$

I have no problem when using another torrent client(bittornado), and no problems copying to and from the drive, or downloading with newsbin from my newsserver, to the drive.

So therefore it must be a problem with utorrent, and i hope it can be adressed, since i really like using utorrent.


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I'm not sure uTorrent can save anything to ext3 file systems.

But Bittornado can ,explorer(windows) can, Newsbin can, any download manager can.

It's basicly just a normal shared network drive.

So i don't see why utorrent should'nt be able to access it either.

Windows would'nt be able to read or write to an ext3 partition either, if it was connected directly, but through the asus router(which is a linux box), and samba it should not be a problem.

So i think this is a fixable bug, and maybe one worth looking into, as NAS devices becomes more popular.

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µTorrent currently does not support UNC-style paths. Please map a drive and try again.

OK, 'currently does not' must mean there is a chance it will in the future.

But what does 'map a drive' mean, and how do i do that?

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