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The romanian language is not in the list...


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There is a specific reason for thinking that the rom. lang will be not included in the future relases of UTorrent? I saw the other posts and I didn't undestand too much what was all about. Diffrent points of view over the translation, incomplete translation or what?...Maybe is an allternative to translate yourself the lang file and using it as you translated it... but is not fair for those who can't speak english...

So, what next?

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Just sit and wait doesn't suits me.... About the difficulties in translation...I looked at the English.txt file and looks pretty simple... In one afternoon it can be translated. The registered translators should communicate on YMessenger or through e-mail to rush up the process of translation... Is quite a shame that our language is not there, besides the other languages...

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Suits you or not... doesn't change the problem at all.

I offered myself to be a member of the romanian translators team a while back

Firon replied that the translators team reached the maximum number of members and new members are not required.

I agree with you regarding your last two sentences in the previous post.

Try to offer your help in this matter and good luck!

I would be glad myself to use a romanian version of µtorrent asap.

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As I said, I can't sit and wait for some translation to appear. I began to work on translation and shortly the .txt file will be available for download for those who wants to use it (of course, if they want to do so and have a romanian interface of the program). If someone knows a reason not for posting, for sharing the lng.file please tell me (us).

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I installed the romanian langpack and... first bugs:

1. instead of MB (megabytes) appears everywhere the sequence "&Reduce memory usage when the cache is not needed";

2. the tray icon baloon does not display anymore the number of downloading/uploading torrents, neither the overall speeds (just µTorrent 1.6).

There are few more misspelled words and 1 or 2 fields out of range, but that would not be such a big deal.

Thanks to the translators team and Firon too, and hopeing that these few problems (especially the first two of them) will be solved soon.

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Moreover, I would remark some mistakes in translation.. In Option menu is displayed Afiseaza toolbar, it could be translated as Afiseaza bara de instrumente, at Inchide windows automat there are not small letteres and without diacritics as the otheres commands in the same menu for Inchide calculatorul cand se termina descarcarea and at Options the thing with Pusul la coada…

Also, desgargere instead of descarcare...

I don't want to be misunderstood... I congratulate the translators for the effort of translating the program and these remarks I want it to be taken as suggestions for a better interface...

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Adonissis, I agree local characters (diacritics) are very useful but there are a lot of people that don't change to Romanian locale in the Windows settings. This means instead of the nice local characters they will have their equivalents in the western character sets, installed and configured automatically in the default English Windows setup. I think you know this one and you agree with me.

Of course, the nicest way to have the Romanian translation is WITH and WITHOUT the local characters. But that depends on the uTorrent developer's generosity to include both of them.

And a message to Firon:

I'd like to lay a hand on the Romanian translation. I am currently the official translator for PHP-Fusion and TinyMCE so that might help you make a decision regarding my inclusion in uTorrent's translating team. Thanks!

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Indeed. Translations have to be done correctly. I see no sense in keeping a translation team that is unable to work like the rest. Either they do their job or they need to allow others to have it done. It is best for the users.

Firon, I kindly ask you to have a word with the ones involved and tell them about our offer to help. Thank you.

(P.S. :lol: Gotta love Teal'c talk!)

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kneekoo: well, I added you, check your e-mail for login details. You can go ahead and e-mail the other translators yourself if you want (their e-mails will show up on the page).

As for adding another version of Romanian, I might, as long as you actually do it.

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I am happy that a new and willing person is now leading the way. I am sure the translation should look better by now, though for the time being I am using the English version. There are some problems that I sincerely hope we can discuss here, the more participants the better.

1. The translation file still has some mixed keys, as Mr. Stihia pointed for "MB". I know not everyone has a permanent network connection, so that I won't blame people who upload whole text files, but I beg you to pay attention not to mix the entries, because it takes quite a hard work for a non-Romanian programmer to get them back in order (without losing the translation itself).

2. Some time before, I suggested a discussion on the best translation of some specific terms. I think that software localization terms must satisfy some basic conditions, as: precision, clarity, conciseness, and Romanian orthography rules, in this priority order.

For example: at present, "seed" is used in English form, because it is intelligible as this to most of the users. By the way, the Romanian verb "a sadi" was laughed at by some users a few years ago on other localization. Still, replacing "seed" with an explanatory definition, as "detzinator al fisierului complet" (complete file holder) would be too long and probably would not fit in smaller spaces. A better definition is required for this term, as for others like it, as "peer", "upload", "share".

The same problem stands also for typical software terminology, as "toolbar" or "RSS Feed". I opted for precision and conciseness and chose English, because "bara de instrumente" was long. As for "afiseaza" I prefer "arata", it is shorter, but it seems that the other team members did not like it, so that I gave up and kept their way.

There are some other terms calquiated from Spanish (descargar for "descarcare", it took me a long time to correct them, but it seems that not everything).Others, like "a partaja", are calquiated from French and used in the first versions some one year and a half ago. I could not find a perfect synonim, so that I used another several terms that I considered fit into the context. If anyone can find a good, clear and short term in Romanian, I am sure everybody will welcome it.

3. As for special Romanian symbols, I salute the idea. I tried it myself before, but since I did not know how to switch the translation page encoding to two-byte UTF I abandoned it.

I am sure that Mr. Kneeko will complete and even improve the previous job.

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Firon, the translation is finally ready for end-user testing. Please make it public. :)

Later edit:

There are a few things that need to be solved:

- µTS reports build 482 as the latest, including the download;

- the translation should go to the public, as it has the last word on it's quality;

- once approved, I will take care of it's "special character" version when you will have the time to add it in µTS.

Thanks for your assistance!

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[EN] Until the Romanian translation will be officially published, please try it from here:

[RO] Pana cand va fi publicata oficial traducerea romana, va rog sa o incercati de aici:


[EN] Unzip the text file in the same folder with uTorrent's executable and make sure their name are related.

[RO] Despachetati fisierul text in acelasi director cu executabilul uTorrent si asigurati-va ca numele lor sunt corelate.

[EN] Good luck!

[RO] Bafta!

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Thanks, Firon. After having updated the language pack in the "Downloads" area, everything will be fine. :)


I hope many users will try it and share their opinion with us, so we can move to the the second Romanian language file, the one with the special characters.

Everyone have a nice day! ;)

----------------------UPDATE----FOR----v1.6.1--BUILD 974------------------------------


I have just updated the Romanian translation for v1.6.1 build 974. It's available right here:


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