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Swarms? Very confused about connecting to seeds/peers


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I've been stuck on a download at about 54% for three days now. The file is really new, and the status is 2 seeders, 99 downloaders.

I'm completely clueless I guess and don't understand what the term "swarm" means.

In the "general" tab, it says

Seeds: 0 of 0 connected (1 in swarm)

Peers: 76 of 101 connected (101 in swarm)

Does this mean that there is another swarm out there that has the peer on it? Is it possible to change over to this other swarm? I've downloaded everything that is available on this particular swarm and I understand that the biggest problem is the lack of seeders. When I first started downloading, the seeders were at 2 and both of them were in my "swarm". I had awesome download speeds and the availability was at 1. When I reached 47%, I lost power and had to restart. When I did, all of a sudden I'm getting the 0 of 0 connected (1 in swarm) thing and haven't been able to connect to a seeder since.

Do I just need to give up on this file?

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It means the tracker's reporting 1 peer -- that doesn't mean the tracker's accurate. µTorrent never came across a seed, so it's always possible one isn't even on the swarm. Wait for a while longer, and maybe you'll get lucky.

The swarm is just the network of peers (which includes seeds) connected to the same torrent.

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